I’m Geoff Holden, a software developer living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. You can find out more about my professional life via my résumé, or perhaps on LinkedIn.

I’m not really sure what content will be here yet. I suspect it’ll be a mix of thoughts on software development along with me trying to take control of my own health.

Becoming a Tea Drinker

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I recently started drinking tea. Well, that’s not entirely true—I recently started drinking tisane (herbal tea), specifically peppermint tea. I started drinking peppermint because it’s supposed to have some medicinal properties, particularly in relieving IBS symptoms. At first I treated it as a potential treatment; I didn’t enjoy drinking it, but it wasn’t horrible. But over the past several weeks, the taste has really grown on me, and I now look forward to sitting down with my cuppa.…

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